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Anne-Marie Bonneau writes the food blog Zero-Waste Chef. A Canadian transplant living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Anne-Marie has lived plastic-free since 2011. She shows others how reducing their trash not only benefits the planet but also satisfies their taste buds, improves their well-being and boosts their bank accounts. She has been featured in The Washington Post, The Mercury News, Treehugger, Mother Earth Living and more.


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The Zero-Waste Chef: Reduce Your Waste, Eat Delicious Food, Save Money and Improve Your Health
The Zero-Waste Chef

About the Book:
Non-fiction: Cooking 50,000 Words.
“Zero-Waste” is a term that’s floated around to mean many things: intentional consumerism, less plastic, plant-based eating, no processed food, and less waste. For blogger Anne-Marie Bonneau, it’s a lifestyle that goes beyond buzz words. She went plastic-free in 2011, started blogging in 2014, and became an expert in a movement to encourage individuals and families to make changes that can help the world: “A small number of people doing zero-waste perfectly will have a small impact. Millions doing it imperfectly will transform the world.” She knows that perfection is not the goal—humans will never be “perfect” consumers in the capitalist world we live in—but making an effort to reduce waste of all kinds is attainable for everyone.

Anne-Marie’s The Zero-Waste Chef will have all the answers featuring science-based and anecdotal evidence that will answer important questions about our relationship to food.

1. Why a Zero-Waste kitchen?
2. Is Zero-Waste possible?
3. How do I shop for food?
4. How do I cook?

The list of benefits goes on: improved health, money saved, help the environment for today and the future, and so much more. No packaging means no shelf-stable foods which means: we must cook.

Many books on the market detail our current trajectory towards climate catastrophe—without offering readers practical, every day solutions—and many others describe a low-impact lifestyle to help address the issue (such as Zero-Waste Home). However, none of these also focus on food: the number one cause of global warming. Many people feel helpless when they read the news about the climate crisis but they can actually make powerful choices with every bite, three meals a day (plus snacks). The Zero-Waste Chef focuses on reducing as much waste as possible in the kitchen, including not only food waste, but also packaging waste. It is entirely possible for everyone, with a little thought and usually minimal effort, to reduce their plastic consumption in addition to their food waste. We can have our package-free cake and eat it too.

The Zero-Waste Chef flips traditional cookbooks on their heads. Rather than sending readers to the grocery store to shop for a particular recipe, the book encourages them to let the contents in their refrigerators and pantries dictate what’s for dinner. By learning basic recipes, readers will gain confidence in the kitchen to cook without a recipe. This method basically eliminates food waste in the home. With chapters on fermentation and sourdough bread, the book is a throwback to ancient traditions that we’ve nearly abandoned to the detriment of our health and the health of the planet.

The average American wastes one pound of food per day so instead of allowing our whims to choose our next meal, let our pantries do it. Anne-Marie’s advice like “Freestyle Cooking” and using a “Kitchen Inventory” chart will revolutionize your relationship with your fridge, kitchen and meals. Her accessible recipes include everything from One-Bowl Sourdough Brownies to a homestyle Granny’s Pot Pie to 30-Minute Red Lentil Dal. When you eat real food, your body will thank you.

Anne-Marie will open readers into a whole new world that is a manageable routine that will reduce waste and improve their quality of lives. Her considerable following—100,000+ on Instagram—loves her accessible voice, non-judgmental tone, focused content, and do-able marching orders. She makes Zero-Waste seem possible, because her definition of it is. Whether you implement some or all of her ideas, you are on your way to becoming a better person and making the world a better place for the future.

“In a world where we’re given facts about how our lifestyle, shopping and cooking habits hurt the environment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and downright confused by this complex problem. But, with Anne-Marie Bonneau’s The Zero-Waste Chef, I feel like my small, perfectly imperfect contribution can, as she says, “transform the world.” Offering delicious, waste not recipes and straightforward, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that advice for a plastic-free (or plastic-reduced – start small!) life, this will be The Guidebook for a new way to shop (or not shop), cook, store food, and eat. Anne-Marie’s conversational, encouraging voice and simplified, real-life ideas promise a delicious life with more… with less!” –Allison Day, Award-Winning Blogger and Author of Whole Bowls and Modern Lunch

“Food has the power to change the world—as does the waste our current food supply currently generates. But I have to admit that sometimes the premise of going zero-waste feels way too overwhelming. Anne-Marie is an incredible resource because she makes change feel bite-sized, and doable. Today, I might not be plastic free…but tomorrow, I can make one change, and then another. The Zero-Waste Chef will make it deliciously simple for anyone to make a real impact, no matter their starting point.” –Desiree Nielson RD, Author of Unjunk Your Diet and Eat More Plants

“When our family’s lifestyle was first exposed to mainstream media, people did not know what waste-free living meant; we therefore got hammered with criticism: people laughed at us, claiming that one household doing things differently could not possibly have an impact on the planet. Yet, in showing that eliminating waste at home was possible, we inspired hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe not only to do the same, but also to open unpackaged shops, conceive reusable products, launch organizations, etc. Today, I can’t even believe how fast and wide this movement is growing. So, don’t listen to those who tell you that what you do doesn’t matter: our example alone proves that individual change can initiate a movement and shape the future.” –Bea Johnson, International Bestselling Author of Zero-Waste Home

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