Literary Branding


P.S. Literary Agency (PSLA) is proud to offer literary branding and digital marketing services. PSLA believes that modern agents should be steadfast in the traditional services that agencies provide, but look to the future of client brands by amplifying the success of our authors.

The PSLA branding services work in conjunction with third parties (publishers, PR firms, digital influencers, speakers bureaus, management companies and more) to supplement their strategy and work towards common goals: grow client brands across platforms to increase online discoverability, expand author social networks, cultivate an engaged online community, demonstrate digital marketing literacy, and maximize social media platforms. Each customized plan best suits our clients’ individual needs.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to hire in-house support in the following areas of digital marketing.

• Online Platform Audit
• Branding Strategy Consultation
• Social Media Strategy Consultation
• Book Launch Marketing Package
• Influencer Marketing
• Paid Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Services
• Giveaway Hosting
• Content Creation
• Customized Marketing Support
• Graphic Design Support
• Author Website Training
• Media Training

PSLA’s Literary Branding initiative is led by the team of:

Carly Watters, VP, Senior Literary Agent, and Director of Literary Branding
Andrea Dunlop, Literary Branding Consultant
Amanda Schiffmann, Digital, Social Media, and Brand Development Coordinator

As the marketplace changes, PSLA clients will always be where the readers are. Contact for more information.