Our Client – Juliana Moon

About the Illustrator

Juliana Moon is a communications student and digital artist focused on sequential art and storytelling. She creates stories that make people’s hearts warmer. She lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Title by the Illustrator

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Oh My Gods (Written by Stephanie Cooke and Insha Fitzpatrick)
Oh My Gods

About the Book:
Fiction: Middle Grade Graphic Novel 200 pages.
Karen, an average girl from New Jersey, moves in with her enigmatic father to start school at Mt. Olympus Junior High, but things take a turn when Karen discovers mythological beasts are real and her classmates are gods and goddesses—so who does that make her?

Maria Vicente

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World (incl. E-Book/Audio) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers
Film P.S. Literary Agency
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