Featured below are some of the fiction titles represented by the P.S. Literary Agency. For any rights inquiries, please contact us. To download a PDF of our latest Rights Guide, please click or tap here.

The Book Club MurdersThe Book Club Murders
Leslie Nagel
The Antique House MurdersThe Antique House Murders
Leslie Nagel
The Advice Column MurdersThe Advice Column Murders
Leslie Nagel
LosingtheLightCoverLosing the Light
Andrea Dunlop
Broken BayBroken Bay
Andrea Dunlop
She Regrets NothingShe Regrets Nothing
Andrea Dunlop
TheSecretsofLakeRoadCoverThe Secrets of Lake Road
Karen Katchur
SistersofBlueMountainCoverThe Sisters of Blue Mountain
Karen Katchur
River BodiesRiver Bodies
Karen Katchur
Cold BonesCold Bones
Karen Katchur
Love, Hate & Other FiltersLove, Hate & Other Filters
Samira Ahmed
Mad, Bad & Dangerous to KnowMad, Bad & Dangerous to Know
Samira Ahmed
Samira Ahmed
The Subway GirlsThe Subway Girls
Susie Orman Schnall
MotorCityShakedownCoverMotor City Shakedown
Jonathan Watkins
DyinginDetroitCoverDying in Detroit
Jonathan Watkins
IsolatedJudgmentCoverIsolated Judgment
Jonathan Watkins
ADevilsBargainCoverA Devil’s Bargain
Jonathan Watkins
FakingPerfectCoverFaking Perfect
Rebecca Phillips
AnyOtherGirlCoverAny Other Girl
Rebecca Phillips
These Things I've DoneThese Things I’ve Done
Rebecca Phillips
TheGirlYouThoughtIWasCoverThe Girl You Thought I Was
Rebecca Phillips
ForeverInterruptedRevisedCoverForever, Interrupted
Taylor Jenkins Reid
AfterIDoRevisedCoverAfter I Do
Taylor Jenkins Reid
MaybeinAnotherLifeCoverMaybe in Another Life
Taylor Jenkins Reid
OneTrueLovesCoverOne True Loves
Taylor Jenkins Reid
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoThe Seven Husbands
of Evelyn Hugo
Don't Go to School!Don’t Go to School!
Futa Fata
Savage Rising
C. Hoyt Caldwell
Savage Reckoning
C. Hoyt Caldwell
orangesandlemonsOranges and Lemons
Liz Bugg
YellowVengeanceCoverYellow Vengeance
Liz Bugg
Definitions of
Indefinable Things

Whitney Taylor
When the Beat DropsWhen the Beat Drops
Anna Hecker
The Temptation of AdamThe Temptation of Adam
Dave Connis
Suggested ReadingSuggested Reading
Dave Connis
Brave EnoughBrave Enough
Kati Gardner
Jill Baguchinsky
What Have You DoneWhat Have You Done
Matthew Farrell
Speak the OceanSpeak the Ocean
Rebecca Enzor
A Spark of White FireA Spark of White Fire
Sangu Mandanna
Here and Now and ThenHere and Now and Then
Mike Chen
Our Realm Is the NightOur Realm Is the Night
Claire Bartlett
The Perfect AssassinThe Perfect Assassin
K.A. Doore
When the Truth UnravelsWhen the Truth Unravels
RuthAnne Snow
TheNightOliviaFellCoverThe Night Olivia Fell
Christina McDonald-Legg
The Fifteen Wonders of Daniel GreenThe Fifteen Wonders of Daniel Green
Erica Boyce
Pax NovisPax Novis
Erica Cameron
Rebel GirlsRebel Girls
Elizabeth Keenan
Keep This to YourselfKeep This to Yourself
Tom Ryan
NotQuitetheClassicsCoverNot Quite the Classics
Colin Mochrie
Ella and the Balloons in the SkyElla and the Balloons
in the Sky

Danny Appleby